“Big Foot Tracks” sleeve


Wholesale prices: T-shirts $ 10.00 / Long Sleeve $ 15.00 (one sleeve print) / Hoodies $40.00 (two sleeve prints)

Name Drop or “Its a Wildlife” front:  $ 1.00

Order Form & Price List available upon request !

The Artist

Gordon Derbyshire was born in Trail BC in 1961. His interest in creating art started as a young boy at the age of 13. His work reflects his unique vision developed during 40 years of drawing and painting.

To me , the natural world is fascinating and fragile, – worthy of our respect. I hope my paintings help to create a greater appreciation of what we have and a desire to keep more of it intact for future generations .

Gordon has presented his work at numerous solo and group exhibitions and has sold works to collectors around the world through select art dealers.

 e: sales@thorcast.com   toll free:1.800.665.6979   local: 1.250.493.6979                                                                   ( a real person!)